Your work

This page features the content that we are most proud of, your work.

A big thanks to all of the young people who have taken part in the projects below and we hope you do enjoy their hard work.


This project is an E.P. created by young people at the Ideas Test Centre in Sittingbourne and is part of the SBMT project. They worked hard on this during the spring of 2019, culminating in the production of 5 finished pieces of music.

It was ran by Kent Music in partnership with Ideas test and was recorded and produced by our own The Chemist Tree and Mastered at Sebliminal Productions.


This video is a culmination of a 2 week project over the Easter holidays at Whitstable Youth Centre.

We worked with a group of young people from completely different backgrounds including a beat making rapper, a heavy metal guitarist and singer, a recorder and ukelele playing singer into her musicals and a complete beginner into her pop music.

Add another couple of beginners well into their rap music and you come up with this song, Breakdown, a complete mish mash of all of those styles.

Not only did they all work together as a group to complete the track, they also worked together to produce an accompanying video shot in and around Whitstable to provide a short story to accompany the track.

This goes to show that all young people of all ages and backgrounds can communicate and come together through music, film and art. A big well done to all involved.


Here is a song and video that we made with a group of young people at Hempstead Youth Centre which they made as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Over a period of 10 weekly 2 hour sessions, they wrote and recorded the song and filmed and edited the video.

The young people learned skills such as beat boxing, playing basic chords on a guitar, singing and MC'ing, drumming, songwriting, using a camera, filming to a green screen and Video and Audio editing.


This track was made by our younger students from the Hempstead centre who were not part of the DoE awards.

They composed and recorded this and a few other tracks over a 10 week course of weekly, 2 hour workshops, with the help of tutors The Chemist Tree and Leah Vee.


This video tells the story of how the song, A World of My Own, came to be made.

It follows the journey of three young people from Gillingham, Kent and Wimereux, France, who met at a CYC youth event in Suffolk in late 2013 in the making of the track, from it's inception via meetings on Google hangout, through to the recording at a top French studio.


This playlist is the CYC - Sound album. It is a professionaly produced album created by young people from England and France as part of a cross border project involving music, dance, cookery and motor mechanics.

The young people who feature on the album collaborated on various peices of music in various genres, sharing their tastes and cultures with their collaborators from across the channel, receiving their AQA accreditations as a part of this.


This video is a taste of what some of our young people achieved at the Rencarts Hip Hop Festival in Brest, April 2014.

Teaming up with our producers The Chemist Tree and Drifta, and 3 French musicians, 4 young rappers (2 Guy, Deano, Kickz and Charizard), an MC/Youth Worker (Dotty) and our MC tutor (Victor Mizer) wrote and recorded six tracks to both be performed at the festival, and feature on our CYC - Sound Album.


This is an edit from one of our documentaries. It was produced by disabled and non disabled young people, showcasing the talents and passions of groups of disabled young people.

It was part of the uScreen project in collaboration with Screen South and Pie Factory Music.

The full film (in 3 parts) can be found at


This playlist features work that we did in conjunction with the YOT workers and the Reward Projects. We worked with groups of Young Offenders, producing music for them to use towards their Bronze Arts Award Qualification.

Each group had just 2 hours to write, record and produce the track with the help of The Chemist Tree, Victor Mizer and Harry Shotta, and, despite this short time frame, the results are very positive.


This video was an impromptu music video shot in Brest, France around the town during the Renc'arts festival in April 2014. The group are Bar Wars (aka The Bridge), which fused 6 rappers from the UK with 4 musicians from France. The video features the 6 rappers, 2Guy, Deano, Kickz, Charizard, Dotty and Victor Mizer. The music was created by 3 French young people Ugo, Romain and Jean Baptise from Brest with our tutors The Chemist Tree and Drifta.