We offer various workshop that cover a wide range of subjects and activities for all ages from 0 – 100 (and beyond). Whatever your tastes and requirements, we are here to meet these for you.

Through our 19 years of experience, we are focussed on providing your students with the chance to try something new, have fun, build their creative, social and academic skills as well as helping the gain confidence.

Music Workshops

These include:-

• Computer Based Music Production with the latest software/hardware.

• Musical Instrument tuition at all levels.

• Band and ensemble skills.

• Song and Lyric Writing.

• Composition.

• Singing and Rapping/MCing.

• Band Recording and Mixing.

We provide taster sessions, in which we will come to your institution and provide groups of students the chance to experience something for the first time, whether that is for example writing and performing a short track or learning the basics of an instrument.

We can also provide longer courses where for example the students can put together a band or produce and EP.

We can also provide more focussed training, where a student can learn skills such as learning an instrument, music theory skills or training in technical skills for recording, mixing and mastering.

We can provide our own the equipment, including drums, guitars, amps, pa’s, microphones and keyboards as well as full recording equipment on our Macbook Pro’s with Pro Tools, Logic and Waves software.

Film Workshops

Our film workshops cater for all aspects of basic film production from basic storyboarding, camera skills and lighting right through to green screen, special effects, post-production and editing.

We can work with groups or individuals on small taster sessions where the students can just have a bit of fun with the camera’s and editing equipment, right through to longer courses where they can produce their own films such as music videos or documentaries.

We also provide focussed training for individuals who would like to specialise in one area of film production, whether this be camera skills or training for individual software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

We can bring our equipment to you, which include lighting systems, green screens, digital HD video and still camera’s as well as PC and Mac systems with the latest Adobe Creative Suite editing and effects software.

Accredited Courses

We can also provide accredited courses for all of our subjects.