This short video features the kind words of some of the young people we have worked with and helped along the way. Thanks guys, you make it what it is :-)

Bragging Rights

We have worked successfully with companies such as Screen South, UScreen, Pie Factory Music, The Turner Centre and Kent County Council to provide films on themes such as What to Expect in Court, Mental Health Awareness, Racism, and community films about the issues in their local area.

We have also provided music workshops in all areas for these organisations, which have included visiting hard to reach areas such as Lydd and taking a group of young people who have never played musical instruments on a journey from learning the basics, writing a song, and then performing it to an audience of 300 people at the Royal Festival Hall only 9 months later.

We have also worked with Disability organisations including Mencap and Kids South East to produce films alongside disabled young people about their lives.

We have provided accredited courses for groups of young offenders with organisations such as the Reward Projects and the ISS YOT team, and have also managed a 3 year multimedia, cross border project with organisations in both England and France, providing accreditations for over 160 young people and opportunities for young musicians to collaborate with other young people across the channel and produce a professional album, produce some short videos to accompany this, and taking them to Brest, France to perform at the Renc’arts Hip Hop festival.